5 artisanal design brands from Portugal you should have at home
Sneha Divias reveals her favourite design brands from her native Portugal

“This artisanal brand makes beautiful ceramic tiles using a creative method that hails from central Portugal. Because of their handcrafted technique no two tiles are the same; undoubtedly, this sets them aside from mainstream brands. Regarding their production method, New Terracotta defines the underlying theme as the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi.

Their mesmerizing craft is called Azulejos, with talented craftsmen making the tiles manually, but there’s a touch of contemporary personality, too, inspired by modern designs. The highlight of my experience with New Terracotta is their dedication that is put into the process, from the selection of materials to the moulding, and then to the glazing – each step adding value to the final product.

I can say it’s their traditional roots and practises that customers should look forward to, considering that such tiles make for an impressive collection as well as investment. The Middle East’s love for culturally enriching motifs make New Terracotta an ideal choice for homes in the region and I think that customers would relish the experience of choosing from their range of colours, finishes and patterns to create unique, customised tiles.”

in Inside Out Magazine AE, March 04, 2019

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