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Wood Firing Cotto

New Terracotta cotto tiles are made by hand using a slow but simple process which has been employed since Roman times. Using only natural raw materials, each tile is hand-moulded, dried on a wooden bat and then wood fired for about 48 hours to well over 1000ºC, becoming resistant to very low temperatures.

Our full of character cotto is not absolutely uniform, but vary slightly in shape, size and shade. Its natural warm tone and depth of colour will age beautifully, acquiring the attractive patina so much desired for a timeless appearance.

28 Formats  |  3 Colours


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SQUARE38 x 38 x 2
SQUARE29 x 29 x 2
SQUARE24 x 24 x 2*
SQUARE20 x 20 x 2*
SQUARE15 x 15 x 1,5
SQUARE11 x 11 x 1,5
SQUARE7 x 7 x 2*
HEXAside 10 x 2*
RECTANGLE38 x 18 x 2
RECTANGLE29 x 14 x 2
LONG55 x 13 x 2
LONG29 x 6 x 2*
CHEVRON A38 x 10 x 2*
CHEVRON B38 x 10 x 2*
TRAP M44 X 14 X 2*
TRAP S40 x 10 x 2*
BRICK24 x 11 x 2
BRICK24 x 5 x 11
BRICK24 x 5 x 2
BRICK24 x 4 x 2
BRICK24 x 6,5 x 4 cut
BRICK24 x 6,5 x 2 cut

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